Rivers flood and roads close around midstate

Heavy rains across the state and in Middle Georgia pushed rivers above flood stage and closed roads around the area.

Macon registered 5.26 inches of rain, while 1.38 inches was reported at Robins Air Force Base. While the amount at Robins seemed low given the amount of flooding in the Houston County area, it appears the majority of the rain came in one burst, which may have overwhelmed stormwater drainage measures.

“It was an inch and .38 but it fell in about 10 minutes,” Sgt. Jim Adams of Houston 911 said Tuesday morning.

Rivers around Middle Georgia quickly rose above flood stage.

The Ocmulgee River was not expected to fall below flood stage of 18 feet until Saturday morning, which means the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail likely will be closed for the remainder of the week. Additional run-off from the Atlanta area into Lake Jackson is expected to bring a second crest of about 24 feet by Thursday, said John Schmidt of the Southeast River Forecast Center that monitors Georgia rivers.

Tuesday’s rise was triggered by localized flash flooding.

Although strong storms dumped massive amounts of rain near the head of the Flint River, no flooding is expected.

Most of the heavy rain fell outside of the Flint basin into the Chattahoochee, Schmidt said.

The Oconee River in Milledgeville also was over flood stage of 27 feet. The Oconee was expected to crest at about 32 feet before this morning.

Fishing Creek is expected to swell through the woodlands as the waters rise.

Additional rainfall this week could alter the flood forecasts. Several roads in Houston County remained closed as of Tuesday evening.

Sgt. Mike Kluge of Houston 911 reported the following closures: Saddlecreek Road off the 247 Spur, Chris Drive in Haynesville, Elko Road at Ga. 26, County Lane Road at Cane Mill Road, Blackstock Road, the Henderson Springs Bridge, Cheslea Crossing, King’s Chapel at Houston Lake, Iverness to Clifton, Park Avenue, Rio Pinar Street, parts of Wimberly Road, Ellis Road and Flournoy Road at both ends.

Last week’s flooding resulted in the closure of Lilly Creek Road, Jake Fledge Road and Rolling Hill Road.