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Here is a list of Tuesday's 10 most-viewed stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Bibb records: Boy who had gun in school in trouble before / 3,723 page views

2. Macon woman slashed inside her home / 3,548 page views

3. Witness in murder trial names 22-year-old as killer / 2,853 page views

4. Pit bull attacks 2-year-old Warner Robins girl / 2,519 page views

5. Robins bars airmen from entering club where fatal shooting took place / 2,345 page views

6. Roberta officers serve jail time on weekends, but still on force during week days / 2,319 page views

7. Grandfather to serve life sentence for killing boy / 2,303 page views

8. Mercer artists song being covered by Huey and Lil Wayne / 1,807 page views

9. New barbecue restaurant opens in Macon / 1,674 page views

10. ouston DA indicts two cases of out-of-county school enrollment, anticipates more / 1,571 page views