Houston DA indicts two cases of out-of-county school enrollment, anticipates more

A Houston County grand jury indicted two cases today dealing with children who live outside of the county improperly attending Houston County schools.

"In both cases, the parents of the children were indicted for 'False Statements and Writings', which is simply lying or mis-stating a material fact to a governmental agency, in this case, the Houston County Board of Education. In both cases, the parent(s) claimed an address as their legal residence that was in Houston County when, in fact, they resided in a neighboring county," the statement said.

Names were not immediately released because those indicted have not been notified.

"I regret that today had to happen but the law is clear on this issue," Houston County district attorney Kelly Burke said in the e-mailed statement. "If you wake up in the morning in Peach, Bibb or Pulaski County, get dressed in your home, wake up your kids in their bedrooms and get them some breakfast in your kitchen, then load up the kids and head off to school in Houston County, you are probably breaking the law.

"Today's indictments are just the first of possibly many more to come. I anticipate that further investigations will lead to dozens of other indictments. At this time, we are only investigating and presenting cases to the grand jury where the parents reside out of Houston County."

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