Bibb property tax bills, appeals coming soon

Bibb County property tax bills will hit the mail next week — coincidentally just a few days after the assessment appeals process gets started.

Tax Commissioner Tommy Tedders was trying to finalize the details of the temporary tax bills Wednesday. “Next Wednesday or Thursday, they should be in the mail,” he said.

Half of each bill is due by Oct. 16, with the remainder due a month later. Because of the high number of appeals from the latest assessment, local officials had to get a court order before they could prepare the tax bills. Owners who are appealing their property valuations will get a temporary break on the temporary tax bill, paying on 30 to 50 percent of the new assessed value.

Everyone would face final tax bills in the spring, though some property owners will owe more and some will get refunds.

Separately, Chief Appraiser Andrea Crutchfield said Wednesday that the Board of Equalization will begin hearing about 800 valuation appeals starting Monday. Four separate boards will work on the appeals for a two-week stretch. Wednesday, the board of tax assessors voted to send about 400 additional appeals to the Board of Equalization.

Crutchfield said the assessors staff members have finished their work on about 4,000 appeals — about one-quarter of the properties under appeal.

“That’s 4,000 that we really don’t plan to look at again,” she said.

Staff members hope to finish their side of the appeals by the end of the year. Hearings, notifications and the chance for further appeals mean the process will stretch on for months afterward.

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