Spy Gadgets' clientele include business owners, worried spouses and private investigators

If James Bond lived in Middle Georgia, he’d be a customer at Spy Gadgets/Security Integrators.

Sunglasses with hidden cameras, GPS tracking systems, computer monitoring software, phone tap recorders and video surveillance systems are just some of the offerings at the stores located in Macon, 2952 Vineville Ave., and Warner Robins, 154 S. Houston Lake Road.

“We also sell personal protection items like pepper spray and stun guns,” said David Gorzinski, an account representative.

The stores are owned by John Clark, Gorzinski’s brother.

The store’s clients include business owners, people worried about a cheating spouse, private investigators, parents wanting to check on their baby sitter or nanny or people with relatives in a nursing home wanting to make sure their folks are receiving proper care.

“These products give people a peace of mind,” Gorzinski said. “GPS surveillance can be used for more than checking on a cheating spouse.

They can be used by a business who wants to know where an employee is driving (a company car) or a parent who wants to know where their child is going or how fast they are driving.”

“I get that one often,” Gorzinski added.

When store owners get baffled when money is missing from the till, Spy Gadgets gets a call.

“One store owner called because someone kept taking money out of a lady’s purse,” Gorzinski said.

After buying and installing a hidden camera, the culprit was busted and the video footage aided in his conviction.

The covert tactics of jealous spouses, curious parents and nosey bosses are only part of the clientèle at Spy Gadgets/Security Integrators.

“We’re a security company first,” Gorzinski said. “We also carry products to do your own surveillance work to keep a secret eye on somebody.”

Spy Gadgets/Security Integrators handles corporate accounts for Zaxby’s, providing video surveillance for restaurants in the area, as well as in South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.

Other clients include Macon Water Authority, Goodwill stores in the Middle Georgia region and some McDonald’s restaurants in the area.

Spy Gadgets, which has been in business for about eight years, was previously located in Macon Mall. Clark moved the store to the Vineville Avenue location about a year ago.

He opened the Warner Robins store three years ago.

“Business is good,” Gorzinski said.

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