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Here is a list of Tuesday's 10 most-viewed stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Authorities looking into brawl outside AmStar movie theater / 7,155 page views

2. Report: 29-year-old clerk fatally shot when two men rob Riverside store in Macon / 5,484 page views

3. Employee injured in riot at Milledgeville youth detention center / 4,672 page views

4. UPDATE: Houston schools, DA to crack down on false enrollment / 4,782 page views

5. 15-year-old faces charges in grandmother's slaying / 3,144 page views

6. Man charged in weekend slaying has history of domestic trouble / 2,675 page views

7. Reichert suggests earlier last call for Macon bars / 2,046 page views

8. Two Houston schools only local ones to beat national SAT average / 1,806 page views

9. Bulldogs eager to take on challenge of OSU’s offense / 1,614 page views

10. Group rallies downtown for health care / 1,539 page views