Macon man escapes violent attackers, police say

A 40-year-old Macon man fended off an assault, escaping to his house where he telephoned authorities Monday evening, according to a Macon police report.

Police are looking for three individuals who are wanted on allegations of criminal attempt to commit homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide, armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft by taking (auto), according to the report.

The police report of the incident, which occurred Monday about 8 p.m., paints a picture of a grisly scene in which two masked men attacked Jamie Callahan, throwing him to the ground, kicking him and striking him with a baseball bat.

Then the two men taped Callahan’s hands together and tried to tie his feet together with an extension cord, according to the report.

A woman was also present at the scene, according to the report. Callahan told police a female known as “Beckey” called him to the house on Orange Street. He identified the woman, who he told police tried to throw a sheet over him and force him outside the house, according to the report.

Callahan told authorities that he fought off his attackers and removed the mask of one, identifying him by name.

Callahan, who had two black and swollen eyes, a cut on his head and bruises on his chest and stomach, fled to his home on Forest Avenue where he dialed 911.

Emergency Medical Services transported Callahan to The Medical Center of Central Georgia, where he was treated for injuries. He has since been released.

Police officers observed an orange extension cord, recently broken bushes, and blood — on the steps, porch and front door — at the Orange Street residence, the scene of the alleged crime.

Officers searched the Orange Street residence, after receiving a search warrant, where they discovered a white sheet with blood on it, two baseball bats, tape and blood on the floor, according to the report.

The police report lists a Mazda pickup truck, a phone, a wallet and a knife as stolen. No one has been arrested in the case, but the investigation is still ongoing, said Sgt. Melanie Hofmann with the Macon police.