X-Mart cashier accused of faking store robbery

An X-Mart cashier is being accused of faking a robbery at the adult store Sunday in order to steal money. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office arrested Randy Joseph Clark, 21, for false report of a crime and fiduciary theft.

The adult store on Emery Highway allegedly has been robbed five times previously.

Clark, an X-Mart cashier, and his roommate, Russell Alan Lewis Jr., 19, who was arrested for theft by taking, allegedly planned the theft together, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

Clark was the cashier who reported a robbery at the X-Mart on Sunday evening, according to the release.

The sheriff’s office arrested the two roommates using what the release called the “sheriff’s office newest tool in fighting crime” — the Automatic License Plate Recognition System.

Sgt. Brad Wolfe was driving in his patrol car near the X-Mart on Sunday night before the robbery and he remembered observing a white 1990s model Honda Accord pull out of the X-Mart. His car automatically photographed the vehicle along with its tag number that night, according to the release.

Monday night, Wolfe saw the same vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Lewis pulled over. The deputy asked him if he was on Emery Highway on Sunday night and Lewis told the officer “no,” according to the release.

Using the plate recognition system, Wolfe determined that Lewis lied and turned the information over to investigators, who went to Lewis’ apartment, according to the release.

When they knocked on Lewis’ door, his roommate Randy Joseph Clark answered, according to the release.

Deputies interviewed Lewis and Clark and determined that they planned the theft. They were arrested Wednesday evening, according to the release.

Both were taken to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center, but have since been released on bond.

The original explanation given in a sheriff’s office report for the robbery was that a gunman, wearing a black hood with only the eye areas cut out, a white tank top, black pants and dirty white socks over his hands and arms robbed the store.

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