Chick-fil-A peach milkshake ending seasonal run

Chick-fil-A’s popular peach milkshakes will be phased out starting this weekend.

The peach shake was always a limited time offering at the popular fast-food restaurants, but it turned out to have major appeal, especially here in the peach state.

Craig Craddock, who owns two Macon area Chick-fil-A’s, said 50 percent of the milkshakes his stores sold in the last few months were peach shakes. Steve Geiger, general manager at the Bloomfield drive-in Chick-fil-A, said peach has outsold other flavors “by exponential numbers.”

“Georgia operators would love for it to return,” Craddock said.

Alas, that’s a corporate decision, and corporate wasn’t making any promises Monday. Chick-fil-A likes to introduce temporary new flavors from time to time to boost the profile of its relatively new line of shakes, company spokesman Mark Baldwin said in an e-mail.

“We of course will consider re-introducing extremely popular flavors, but we can’t make any promises about the return of the peach flavor at this point,” Baldwin said.

Shake lovers will be able to get their peach fix through at least this Saturday. After that, it just depends on when the supplies run out. Craddock said he figures the ingredients will last until “some time around the early part of September.”

Craddock did note that another temporary shake flavor — the peppermint chocolate chip shake — will be returning this year for the Christmas season.

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