Milledgeville teen shot four times over gas money

A 40-year-old Milledgeville man is accused of shooting a teenager four times after a dispute about gas money Wednesday night.

An ongoing feud between Dexter Fazion Mosley and Adarrell Marshal, 17, “came to a head,” according to Milledgeville police detective James Thompson.

Mosley alledgedly shot Marshal at a residence on East Camden Street. Mosley, who goes by the nickname Bud, pulled up behind the teen and fired a semi-automatic handgun, hitting Marshal four times including one shot that shattered his elbow.

“Mosley had asked Adarrell for some gas money and Adarrell didn’t give him any gas money,” Thompson said.

Marshal was taken to Oconee Regional Medical Center before being transferred to The Medical Center of Central Georgia.

At the time of the transfer, Marshal was alert, according to Thompson. Marshal was scheduled for surgery Thursday, Thompson said.

Mosley is still at large and authorities consider him armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Milledgeville police.

They have set up an anonymous tip line at (478) 414-4413.