Vought hopes to expand in Milledgeville

Vought Aircraft Industries officials said Monday that the company is working to “finalize some expansion” at its Milledgeville plant.

Employees at the plant were told about the plans at a company meeting Monday, said Vought spokeswoman Lynn Warne.

The company did not release details, but Warne said Vought is working with state officials on incentives to gain new contracts.

“We’ve got the potential to gain some business, and we’re close to penning some deals,” said Warne.

“We hope to announce something soon, but I’m not sure what that means.”

According to the company’s Web site, the Milledgeville plant employs 580 to 585 workers.

The plant makes and assembles parts and components for more than a half-dozen types of aircraft.

That includes several Boeing planes, including its new 787 Dreamliner.

Last week, Boeing announced it plans to pay Vought $580 million for its plant in North Charleston, S.C., where sections of the 787’s fuselage are made.

The Milledgeville plant will continue to manufacture parts for the 787, and there’s a possibility of more contracts from Boeing.

“When we sold our plant, getting additional work with Boeing was part of that deal,” Warne said.

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