WR police charge second man in beating death

WARNER ROBINS - Police say a second Warner Robins man has been charged in connection with the beating death of another man who died July 5.

Warner Robins Police officials said the investigation into the death of 47-year-old Dwayne Farlee of 102 Porkie Drive in Warner Robins led them to also charge Kevin Blaine DeHart II in the death. DeHart, 30, of 409 Jackie Blvd. in Warner Robins, was charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Authorities said Farlee’s body was found by a neighbor on July 5 in front of his home on Porkie Drive. Police said he had been involved in an altercation with James William Roberts at another residence in his mobile home park . Officials say they believe Roberts, 38, of 521 Terry Street in Warner Robins, then was involved in another altercation with Farlee either late on July 4 or early the morning of July 5 at Farlee’s residence. It is not known what the men fought about but officials say they believe it was a long-standing feud.

Roberts had been charged with aggravated assault in Farlee’s death. He was charged with murder after an autopsy confirmed Farlee’s death to be related to the beating.

DeHart and Roberts both are being held without bail in the Houston County Jail. Officials said the investigation is still ongoing.