Councilman Timley claims Paris' son threatened him

Police were summoned to Macon City Hall Tuesday night after City Council President Pro Tem James Timley said one of City Council President Miriam Paris’ sons threatened him.

Timley asked for the police during the council’s regular meeting. He had walked out of the chamber and said Paris’ son, whose name was not immediately available, came after him and confronted him about an argument that Timley had with Paris during a committee meeting the day before.

“He followed me out and approached me, and said if I raised my voice at his mother again, he’s going to get a piece of me,” Timley said after Tuesday’s meeting. By that point, Timley, Paris and her son were waiting for higher ranking police officials whose presence had been requested by the police officer who was already working the council meeting.

When asked if he intended to press charges against Paris’ son, Timley said, “It’s a threat. Yeah. He needs to understand the law.”

Paris disputed Timley’s accusation against her son.

“He didn’t threaten him,” Paris said, declining to discuss the matter further.

When a sergeant arrived, the group moved to a back room in the council office to discuss the incident.

Paris and Timley had butted heads during Monday’s meeting of the Ordinances and Resolutions Committee, which Timley chairs.

During that committee meeting, Paris complained to him that he was only allowing council members to speak if they agreed with his point of view.

Timley countered that Paris and others were speaking out of turn and disrupting the meeting.

A short time later, as discussion continued, Paris told Timley she “just needs to ask for a point of clarification.”

“You just need to get out of this room,” Timley told her. “You just need to excuse yourself. ... You’re not supposed to be talking, period.”

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