Carl Vinson Parkway extension now open

WARNER ROBINS — Travelers along Russell Parkway have a shortcut to get to Houston Lake Road without dealing with the busy Russell Parkway and Houston Lake Road intersection.

The Carl Vinson Parkway extension opened Wednesday. The extension was built as a way to create access between the Flint Energies headquarters and its location on Houston Lake Road.

“It the safest way to get people in here,” Flint Energies spokesman Jimmy Autry said.

The road work began in January 2008 soon after construction began on the Flint Energies facility. The cost to build the road was $600,000. The road spreads across four lanes then narrows to two lanes when it intersects with Houston Lake Road.

Autry said the road will also add value to the property. The company owns 38 acres, from its current facility to the store location on Houston Lake Road. Autry said plans are to sell the remaining property on the western side of the extension.

Joe Musselwhite, Warner Robins’ public works director, said the road should help Warner Robins drivers.

“It helps because it gives you more than one way in and one way out,” Musselwhite said.

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