Dublin newsprint mill set to reopen

SP Newsprint is set to reopen its Dublin mill next week after a 17-day shutdown.

The mill began “market-related downtime” June 5 and will resume operations Monday, according to a news release. The shutdown is the second at the Dublin plant in the last two months. It closed for 11 days in late April and early May.

The current shutdown will result in approximately 25,000 metric tons of reduced production, the news release said.

SP Newsprint is the fourth largest newsprint manufacturer in North America. It produces recycled newsprint at its mills in Dublin and in Newberg, Ore. The Dublin plant employs about 300 people.

The McClatchy Co., which owns The Telegraph, used to have a one-third ownership in SP Newsprint. McClatchy sold its interest in the newsprint company early last year.

Company officials at the Dublin mill and at the corporate offices of White Birch Paper Co., which now owns SP Newsprint, did not return phone calls seeking comment.