Centerville to tackle budget Tuesday

CENTERVILLE — The Centerville City Council will hold a public hearing about the proposed 2010 city budget at its regular council meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Centerville City Hall.

City administrator Patrick Eidson presented a preliminary budget summary to the council members at their May 19 work session that shows a tentative fiscal 2010 budget of $7,836,253, which includes general fund proceeds and expenses for day-to-day operation of the city, sales tax proceeds and capital projects, and the sanitation and water and sewer enterprise funds.

Eidson said the budget was a slight increase over 2009, with the main new expenditures being $120,000 for new software to coordinate the city’s computer systems and $228,000 for the first phase of the Sentry Oaks sewer line project.

“Our general fund operating budget for the year will be $3,881,730,” Eidson said.

That is about $500,000 more than the expected revenue from property taxes, licenses, permits, fines and proceeds from other governments, but the council intends to use about $150,000 from its fund balance and the rest in transfers from the sanitation and water and sewer enterprise funds to make up the difference so that it won’t need to increase property taxes.

“This budget is about as thin as it can be,” said Councilman Randall Wright, who worked with Councilman Eddie Tucker, Eidson and the department heads to draft the budget.

“And I’d like to thank the department heads for holding the line on costs as much as they could,” Tucker said. “Everyone knew we needed to watch what we spend, considering the economy.”

Public safety expenses are the highest in the proposed budget, with the police department scheduled to receive about $1.75 million and the fire department about $960,000.

Copies of the budget summary are available at City Hall.