Warner Robins City Council targets underage drinking

WARNER ROBINS — Warner Robins is cracking down on establishments that sell alcohol to the underage.

During their pre-council meeting, the Warner Robins City Council opted to give The Tavern a warning while Shenanigan’s received a 30-day suspension on its liquor license for such an offense.

April 17, the Warner Robins police department sent three confidential informants into both establishments, one of whom was five days shy of her 21st birthday. The informants purchased alcohol using money from the police department.

For the Tavern, it was a first offense and the bouncer admitted making a mistake when looking at the identification. However, in March 2008, Shenanigan’s was cited for serving alcohol to an underage person. During the incident in April, no one checked identification.

The number of offenses played a major role in the City Council rendering its decision.

“They had multiple violations and they didn’t have someone at the door checking who came through,” City Councilman John Havrilla said of Shenanigan’s.

When it came to the Tavern, the City Council deemed the action a mistake.

“I do think they were trying to comply with the law,” City Councilman Terry Horton said. “It should not happen again.”

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