Mayor presents proposed budget to Warner Robins council

Mayor Donald S. Walker presented his proposed $33.9 million general fund fiscal year 2010 budget to the Warner Robins City Council during their Monday meeting.

The budget calls for $6.3 million to go to general government, $639,452 for judicial, $19.5 million to go towards public safety, $4.7 million for public works, $1.7 million for culture and recreation and $748,653 for housing and development. The budget also lists a total of $294,000 for contingency and other uses.

Walker said the budget accounts for increases in fuel and electrical costs as well as a $1 million increase in the pension plan. However, it also contains a 3 percent merit raise, but no cost-of-living adjustment. There is no tax raise in the budget.

“This is the easiest budget I’ve done because there wasn’t much of an increase”, Walker said.

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