Man sentenced to eight years probation in fatal stabbing

A 22-year-old Macon man was sentenced Monday to serve eight years on probation in connection with events surrounding a fatal stabbing at Parkview Apartments off Rocky Creek Road in November.

Terrance Wilburn, of Brentwood Avenue, pleaded guilty in Bibb County Superior Court to aggravated assault.

Wilburn initially was charged with murder, aggravated assault and criminal attempt to commit robbery in connection with the Nov. 19, 2008, fatal stabbing of 52-year-old David Boone.

In exchange for his plea, the murder and attempted robbery charges will be dismissed, assistant district attorney Greg Winters said.

Winters said Wilburn, 20-year-old Jonathan Douglas, Boone and an unidentified man went to several places to buy alcohol Nov. 19 and then went to Boone’s residence at 415 Lions Place.

At some point, Douglas became upset and attacked Boone with a knife, stabbing him more than 30 times, Winters said.

Witnesses told authorities they heard someone screaming for help outside the apartment building and saw Wilburn beating the unidentified man, Winters said.

The witnesses also told authorities they saw Wilburn reaching into the man’s pockets and saying “give it up,” he said.

Winters described the incident as a robbery and “then things went bad.”

Wilburn’s attorney, John Carter, said Wilburn disputes the witnesses’ statements.

At Boone’s home, Wilburn stepped out of the room where the other three men were to call his child.

When he returned, Douglas was in an altercation with the unidentified man, Carter said.

Wilburn and Boone tried to calm Douglas, but Douglas went into the kitchen. He returned with a knife and attacked Boone, Carter said.

He said Wilburn attempted to stop Douglas as he stabbed Boone and tried to get the unidentified man to help him stop the attack. The other man refused and Wilburn ran outside.

At some point, Wilburn asked the unidentified man for his cell phone to call for help.

He refused and started yelling for help, Carter said. Douglas, of Hillcrest Avenue, was sentenced last week to serve life in prison for killing Boone.

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