Natalia’s restaurant plans to move to north Bibb

Natalia’s, one of Macon’s best-known upscale restaurants, will move next year, probably to the north side of Bibb County, owner Natalia del Basso-Orsini said Tuesday.

A new location hasn’t been finalized, Basso-Orsini said, and the move won’t take place until next spring, when the lease is up at her current location, 2720 Riverside Drive.

“I know for sure I’m moving. ...” she said.

“They wanted more rent here.”

The menu and decor may change a bit, but the staff will stay in place and the new restaurant will be about the same size, Basso-Orsini said.

“It’s going to be Natalia’s again,” she said.

Basso-Orsini said business has been down a bit with the bad economy, but “not enough to complain about it.” Customer loyalty, even from travelers stopping in Macon to visit the Italian eatery, has been key, she said.

“I’m lucky enough that I’ve been here 25 years,” she said.

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