Midstate AT&T cell-phone customers should get 3G by fall, spokeswoman says

Come fall, midstate AT&T cell-phone customers should be getting the faster-streaming wireless data service that other parts of Georgia have had.

The so-called 3G, or “third generation” wireless broadband, network is scheduled to be up and running, in all likelihood, by the end of September.

“But definitely by the end of the year,” AT&T spokeswoman Monique McKenzie said.

Among the advantages of the upgrade: faster wireless Internet surfing, text-messaging-while-talking capability and live-video sharing while calling.

McKenzie said 3G will “significantly lower the wait for page loads” for Internet users.

The 3G service has been in place for several months in the Atlanta metro area as well as in Columbus, Savannah and Athens.

“We deploy 3G as soon as we can,” McKenzie said. “It’s just determined by the market, the need, the growth, as with any product. ... Macon is definitely a growth area for us.”

Milledgeville and Warner Robins are included in the upgrade.

Other parts of the state that will be getting AT&T’s 3G service by year’s end include: Augusta, the Lake Oconee area and Valdosta.

McKenzie also said a new cell site north of Perry has boosted service in the area around the Houston County Courthouse.