Houston County gets another report of man impersonating officer

WARNER ROBINS — Houston County sheriff’s investigators are looking into another report of a man impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Robert Dobin of Warner Robins told authorities he was at Five Star Ford at 900 Russell Parkway on Tuesday afternoon serving food from his vending truck when he was approached by a man who produced a fake law enforcement badge, Houston County sheriff’s Capt. Robert Clark said. Dobin said in a telephone interview that the man first told him he was a private investigator looking for illegal trucks. The man also told him he was a law enforcement officer for the 911 center.

Dobin said he knew right away that the man wasn’t a health inspector or a cop and that his badge was fake.

“He had a couple of screws loose,” Dobin said.

Still, Dobin humored the man and told him, “I have all my health papers if you need them,” according to an incident report.

He also told the man that he knew that his badge was fake, the report said.

The man left and Dobin copied down the tag number from the vehicle he was driving. Dobin then drove to the sheriff’s office and reported the incident. “I have a heart. I don’t want the guy to be punished,” Dobin said. “I just want the man to get a little help.”

Clark said authorities have not yet identified the man.

In April, the sheriff’s office investigated reports of a man impersonating a law enforcement officer who was accused of stopping motorists in Houston County.

Borris G. Escoto-Salinas, 24, of Macon, was accused of pulling over a woman April 6 in an unmarked, bright-silver Crown Victoria after activating a red flashing light, police said.

He was also accused of stopping another motorist the first week of March. In both incidents, nothing was stolen and the motorists were not hurt, police said.

Escoto-Salinas was being held Wednesday at the Houston County jail.