Macon man accused of impersonating a police officer

A Macon man is accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer when he stopped a motorist in Houston County last week, a Houston County sheriff’s investigator says.

Borris G. Escoto-Salinas, 24, who was living at a Thomas Road address in Macon, has been charged with impersonating a police officer, Houston County Cpl. Glenn Goodman said Tuesday.

Escoto-Salinas is accused of pulling over a woman on Houston Lake Road and Van Drive about 2:30 p.m. April 6 in an unmarked, bright-silver Crown Victoria, Houston County sheriff’s Capt. Robert Clark said.

Escoto-Salinas activated a red flashing light after she had pulled over to see who was following her, Clark said.

Escoto-Salinas was wearing a black shirt, black pants and black boots. He did not have a badge nor did he have any type of police emblem on him but he was wearing a gun on his right hip and a magazine pouch on his left hip, according to Clark and the sheriff’s incident report.

Escoto-Salinas told the woman he was looking for a person driving a car that looked like her car before he released her, according to the report.

Escoto-Salinas was arrested Friday by Macon police and the U.S. Marshals Service Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force after an anonymous tip that followed media reports surrounding the incident, Goodman said.

Escoto-Salinas also is suspected of stopping another motorist the first week of March at North Houston Road and Elberta Road after activating flashing lights, Goodman said.

Escoto-Salinas had some sort of “star” police embalm on a ball cap he was wearing, Goodman said.

The male driver asked why he was being pulled over and Escoto-Salinas told him he was going a little too fast, Goodman said.

However, the motorist replied that he was within the speed limit of 40 mph and was then released by the would-be police officer, Goodman said.

In both incidents, neither motorist was harmed nor was anything stolen, Goodman said.

Escoto-Salinas told authorities that he wanted to be a police officer, so he went out and purchased the car, a badge and a gun, Goodman said.

The 2001 Ford Crown Victoria believed to have been used during the stops was seized by authorities, Goodman said.

Anyone with information related to the incidents may contact Goodman at 542-2085.

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