House compromise in the works on reducing term lengths for MWA members

ATLANTA — A compromise may be emerging to cut Macon Water Authority terms to four years instead of the two suggested by state Sen. Robert Brown.

Water authority members at the Capitol today said they'd agree to that. State Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, said there should be enough support to get that through the House.

Brown, D-Macon, said he may be agreeable to that, but wouldn't go all the way shortly before noon.

"You don't necessarily always get the whole hog. ..." Brown said. "I'd have to look at that."

Brown initially proposed shrinking the terms to two years, adding an eighth seat to the MWA board, allowing the mayor of Macon to appoint two of those seats and changing the way the authority bills apartment complexes for water.

That legislation passed muster in the state Senate on Monday and moved to the House, where local legislators would also have to sign off on it.

But authority members, as well as Macon Mayor Robert Reichert and Bibb County Commission Chairman were surprised by the move, which Brown did not consult them on.

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