'Super Speeders' legislation passes in state Senate, moves to Perdue for signature

Georgia drivers may want to take their foot off the accelerator: After several years of debate, the Georgia General Assembly has agreed to tack $200 fines onto traffic tickets for "Super Speeders."

Gov. Sonny Perdue's legislation, which is expected to raise money to subsidize the state's trauma network for emergency care, passed the state Senate about noon today.

The vote was 42-10, and since the bill has already passed the House of Representatives, it moves now to Perdue for his signature.

Starting in January, those who go more than 75 mph on two-lane roads and more than 85 mph on four-lane roads would face the extra fine. Starting in July, motorists would face increased fees to re-instate suspended licenses.

The changes would raise an estimated $23 million a year, which Perdue and legislators said they'll use to help hospitals maintain expensive emergency room operations and improve trauma care in rural parts of the state.

State Rep. Jim Cole, a Forsyth Republican and the governor's floor leader in the House, said the broader hope is that drivers will slow down and make Georgia a safer state.

"It's going to take time," Cole said.