Apartment fire displaces Macon residents

An electrical fire destroyed the home of a father and his young son late Tuesday at the Wilshire Woods apartment complex off Rocky Creek Road in south Macon’s Bloomfield area, according to authorities.

Shortly before 8:20 p.m., fire officials received a call of flames burning through the roof of building P near the front of the complex.

Joseph McFadden, who lives in the adjacent building O, said the resident of the apartment where the fire began told him he’d noticed a defective wire in one of the bedrooms inside his home. The man saw sparks coming from the wire, McFadden said.

The man went to shut off the circuit breaker to his apartment, and when he returned, a fire had started in his second story residence.

The father and his son had lived in the apartment for about three years, McFadden said.

Firefighters used an aerial ladder to respond to the blaze, which caused damage to the entire building where there are three other apartments.

Macon police officer Damian Long said there were no injuries and all residents were evacuated. Macon Bibb-County Fire Chief Marvin Riggins was on the scene.

“The extent of the serious damage is limited to the apartment of origin and the one directly next door,” Riggins said. “The residences below suffered some water damage. This building is not a total loss.”

Riggins said the flames were active for about 35 minutes before firefighters arrived at Wilshire Woods, 2560 Rocky Creek Road.

“They put them out in 10 to 12 minutes,” he said.

The blaze displaced about 10 other residents in adjacent apartment buildings because of power that had to be interrupted overnight as the fire was investigated.

The incident remains under investigation by the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department.

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