UPDATE: Pilot, passenger identified in Crawford County plane crash

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating a small plane crash Monday night.

The aircraft went down in a field behind houses along the 2900 block of Richardson Mill Road. Yellow tape roped off the immediate area where the plane went down at about 7:37 p.m. It was resting upside down Tuesday morning.

The pilot, John Lawton Sparrow, and his passenger, Jessica Nichole Barnett, of Hawkinsville weren't injured in the crash, according to a news release from the Crawford County Sheriff's Office. Sparrow said that he experienced engine failure and had to make an emergency landing, according to the release.

Brian Martin, the FAA investigator who surveyed the damage, said Sparrow had sufficient flying experience.

"He's relatively experienced it seems from the flight records," Martin said.

Sparrow told investigators he didn't radio in or talk to anybody.

"I would imagine he was trying to land the plane," Martin said.

He said he didn't know if Sparrow had a specific destination in mind when flying Monday evening.

Martin said that the plane "wasn't a total loss."

Ellis Toland said he was at home Monday evening but did not hear the plane until after it was down. When his dogs started barking he was alerted to the commotion of people running toward the site.

"We heard the dogs raising Cain and looked out the windows and there was god-awful people racing down the hill between the houses here," Toland said.

The pilot was reportedly walking around the aircraft when emergency crews arrived, Toland said.

Mary Chambliss wasn't at home when the plane clipped some trees and went down on her grandmother's property.

"They were fine. It was a man and I don't know if it was his daughter or granddaughter but they seemed fine," Chambliss said.