Bill that would fine 'super speeders' clears Georgia House

Gov. Sonny Perdue's proposal to tack-on $200 fines for the state's "super speeders" passed the Georgia House of Representatives early this afternoon.

The measure, which hits speeders who go over 85 mph on an interstate or four-lane highway and those who top 75 mph on other roads, passed 113 to 53.

The legislation, which is expected to raise money to improve the state's trauma care network, would also increase the cost to re-instate a drivers license for habitual violators. Those costs would go up from about $200 to $400 in many cases.

The legislation would raise about $23 million a year to help subsidize hospital emergency room operations and to improve emergency trauma care in rural areas. It is one of several proposals to raise money for trauma care.

The bill has been proposed for three years now. Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson even took to the well to support the measure, after opposing it in past years. It now moves to the Senate for consideration.