Macon family of 10 burned out of home | Video

A 1-year-old's coughing helped save a family of 10 from a house fire early Friday morning in Village Green in south Macon.

Evelena Bonner said she and her husband were asleep in their bed at 4:30 a.m. when their 10-year-old daughter Ta'Tyanna woke them up.

She had gotten up to see about her baby brother's coughing and was carrying him to their room when she noticed the smoke coming from the stove in their kitchen.

"I said, 'It's fire in the kitchen on the stove,'" Ta'Tyanna told her parents who scrambled to gather up all eight of their children who were sleeping in different parts of the ranch home.

"If it wasn't for her waking us up and my little baby crying, we'd all probably be dead," Bonner said a few hours after the fire as she wiped tears from her eyes.

She said she thought she was dreaming when she heard her husband tell her, "Baby, get everybody out of the house, get everybody out of the house!"

He turned his thoughts to prayer.

"Get my family out of this house safely Lord," Keith Adams was thinking as he jumped out of bed.

One-year-old Keith Adams III was on the sofa in the living room. They scooped him up and got him outside along with Ta'Tyanna, her 4-year-old sister Alexius and 11-year-old brother Keith Jr. The four Bonner children - Ta'Keyah, 8; Kierra, 7; Jasmine, 5, and Shavon, 14, also were rushed outside in their pajamas.

"It happened so fast I don't even remember (how) but we all got out though," Bonner said.

When they opened the door the flames had really picked up, said Bonner, who works at Goodwill Nursing Center.

They started banging on neighbors' doors but no one was answering, she said.

Adams Sr. went back for the cordless phone to call for help but couldn't get it to work.

"By that time it got out of control," Bonner said.

"It was a mess," said Adams while wearing a new gray sweatshirt he had bought with he help of The American Red Cross.

All 10 are currently staying with relatives and have received assistance from the American Red Cross.

The home had a working smoke detector but it didn't sound until the family was all outside.

Investigators told the family the fire started by plastic igniting on the stove but Bonner said she didn't leave anything on the stove when she went to bed.

The lost all of their belongings some they had just bought to furnish their new home, said Adams who works for Blue Bird Bus Company in Fort Valley.

The couple said they did not have renters insurance.

"We'll do what we can," she said.