Two men suffer burns in Ingleside apartment fire in Macon

Two men were burned in a fire this morning at the Ingleside Townhouses at 2140 Ingleside Ave.

Apartment maintenance worker Charles Williams, who was working about seven doors away, said he heard the men screaming and saw the glow of fire in the front window of Charles Hampton's apartment at about 8:30 a.m.

Williams found resident Hampton on a burning sofa in the living room near a number of oxygen tanks at about 8:30 a.m.

Williams and Hampton's caretaker, Kevin Jones, pulled Hampton out of the flames and outside to safety as the oxygen fueled the fire.

"It was scary — real, real scary," Williams said. "He's on oxygen and those oxygen tanks were right by the fire. I knew that oxygen tanks were kind of explosive so that was real scary."

Cliff Rushin, Macon-Bibb County assistant fire chief, said Hampton sustained second and third degree burns on his legs while Jones had second degree burns on his hands.

By the time firefighters arrived the apartment was engulfed and flames were shooting out of the windows, Rushin said.

While fire investigators are looking into what started the blaze, Williams said only the couch was on fire when he entered the room.

"God thank you that I'm alive and that he's alive also," Williams said after the fire.

Hampton and Jones were taken by ambulance to The Medical Center of Central Georgia for treatment of their burns, Rushin said.