Lizella woman accused of plotting to kill estranged husband

A 53-year-old Lizella woman is being held without bond at the Houston County jail after she allegedly offered a $300 down payment to someone in exchange for killing her husband, according to the GBI.

Robin Diane Burch, a self-employed custodian living on South Lizella Road, was arrested about 5:30 p.m. Monday after she met with an undercover Byron police officer in Perry earlier in the afternoon, said Craig Rotter, assistant special agent in charge of the GBI’s Perry office.

“They were in the process of a heated divorce,” Rotter said.

Burch brought along money and a picture of her husband when she met the undercover officer, Rotter said. In addition to the down payment, she offered to pay additional money after she collected money from her husband’s life insurance policy, according to a GBI news release.

The life insurance policy is worth $100,000, Rotter said.

Authorities have not released the identity of Burch’s husband for his safety. He is out of the state in connection with his job, Rotter said.

Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese said someone called the sheriff’s office last week and said they’d heard a woman in Macon was looking for someone to kill her husband.

Investigators attempted to verify some of the information, Deese said.

“When it looked like it had some merit to it we contacted the GBI, he said.

Rotter said the GBI joined the investigation on Friday.

Burch is charged with criminal solicitation of murder and is being held without bond until a Superior Court hearing, according to the news release.

The Peach County Sheriff’s Office, Byron Police Department, Perry Police Department, Houston County District Attorney’s Office and GBI coordinated the undercover operation and investigation.

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