Macon brothers arrested after more than 20 counterfeit purses found in car

Two Macon brothers were jailed Friday after police found more than two dozen counterfeit purses in the trunk of their car, authorities said.

Friday afternoon, two Macon police officers pulled the brothers over on Lilly Avenue in Unionville. The officers said at least one of the men was not wearing a seatbelt.

The brothers, Channing Walker, 26, and Charles Walker, 29, both of a Kurt Drive address, then let the officers search their car, Macon police spokesman Sgt. Zachary Self said Monday.

In the trunk, the officers found 26 knockoff purses, replicas of high-fashion models bearing name brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Coach. Self said the Walkers, charged with possession of counterfeit items, "bought them with the intention of selling them. ... Some of those Dolce & Gabbanas go for like $1,500 if they’re real."

Self said all told the 26 purses, if sold for what the authentic ones go for, would be worth about $10,000.

"They were probably getting ready to sell them for Valentine’s Day," he said.