British TV personality stops in Macon during Super Bowl-on-the-cheap journey

Leon Logothetis would love a ticket to this Sunday’s Super Bowl game in Tampa, Fla. And he’s willing to pay up to $5 to get one.

At first glance, it’d be easy to think the 31-year-old British TV personality is being a bit unrealistically optimistic.

But, Logothetis said, that’s precisely the point of his reality documentary series, “The Amazing Adventures of a Nobody,” which airs on cable’s Fox Reality Network in the United States and on the National Geographic channel in the rest of the world.

“I’m aiming for the Super Bowl,” said Logothetis, in Macon on Wednesday during his five-day trip from Atlanta to Tampa. “I want to show that people can still be generous. I can volunteer, I can do anything legal to get in, and pay up to $5. It’s the ultimate test of generosity.”

Logothetis has worked on three different travel series — one in the U.S., one in Britain and one in Europe — where he travels from one destination to another. According to the rules he created for the show, he is allowed $5 per day, which doesn’t carry over to the next day. The $5 (or euros, for the European series) can be used for food, shelter or transportation. For everything else, he must rely on strangers to help him along.

“People can’t give me money,” he said. “They can give me kindness and help with food, accommodation and travel.”

Logothetis said he got the idea after watching the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which told the story of the travels of a young Che Guevara, who relied upon other people’s generosity to continue on with his journey.

Logothetis said Americans are more generous than their European counterparts. He once met a woman in Indianapolis whom he calls “Generous Julie,” who gave him the only keys to her apartment in Chicago and told him he could eat some chili she had there and sleep on her couch.

With the worldwide economy in poor shape, he wants to show that people can still be generous even in tough times.

For example, after getting turned down by the first 14 or so people he met in Atlanta, Logothetis said he managed to secure help from Summer Williams, who recently got laid off from her job as an interior designer. Despite her circumstances, she took Logothetis to lunch, then drove him to Macon on Tuesday.

He ended up staying with her family and going to dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant in Warner Robins.

Williams’ brother, Matt Garza, called his friend Matt Tidwell to help out Logothetis. They will drive Logothetis and his small crew — director Mike Bohusz and production assistant Sergio Valentin — to Valdosta, where the crew will stay with friends of Garza and Tidwell who attend Valdosta State University.

“I kind of laughed,” Tidwell said when he got the initial call from Garza. “I thought it was a great idea. I wanted to check it out. It’s pretty crazy, but it’s a fun experience.”

Logothetis said once he arrives in Tampa, he feels confident that his trip will not have been in vain. He said he’s “100 percent” sure that someone will help get him into the big game.

“I say that because I have to be confident,” he said. “I have to have faith. If I don’t get a Super Bowl ticket, the journey is still worth it. The important thing is, I get to meet wonderful people.”

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