WR shooting victim in stable condition

WARNER ROBINS — A Warner Robins teenager was in stable condition Tuesday at The Medical Center of Central Georgia after being shot Monday night, police said.

Jade Danielly, 17, successfully underwent surgery after being shot once in the buttock by an unknown assailant Monday night, Warner Robins police detective Meredith Edwards said.

Danielly and his 16-year-old brother told police that they were in the frontyard of 104 Galan Way when they heard shots fired and started running down Galan Way toward Iverness Avenue, Warner Robins police Maj. John Wagner said.

Danielly apparently was wounded as he was running, Wagner said.

The teenagers weren’t able to give police any other details about the shooting, Wagner said.

Warner Robins police Lt. Chris Rooks added that police have not been able to get a complete interview with Danielly, who is heavily medicated.

Police were dispatched at 7:23 p.m. Monday to 313 Iverness Ave. by a resident who discovered the injured teenager lying on her porch, Wagner said.

The teenagers did not know the resident but came to her door to get help after Danielly was shot, Edwards said.

Police don’t have enough information to determine whether the shooting was gang related or connected to a November incident in the same public housing development in which police responded to shots fired and fights broke out among a large gathering of people, according to Wagner and Edwards.

“We’re not putting it off as coincidence,” Wagner said of the shooting and the Nov. 11 unrest in the housing project just off Green Street. “If there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

The initial 911 call in the November incident was a report of shots fired in the yard of 103 Galan Way, which is across the street from where the teenagers told police they first heard shots fired and fled Monday night, Wagner said.

Patrol officers concentrated on the housing area Monday night after the shooting, he said.

Also, the police force’s Selective Targeting Operational Patrol has been assigned to the area in an effort to find out what happened Monday night and to keep a police presence in the area, Wagner said.

Gang activity has been reported in the area in the past, Edwards said.

“We don’t know ... if it’s gang-related or robbery-related or the specific reason for it,” Rooks said.

In the past month, police have recorded the following activity on Galan Way: two code enforcement calls, an arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and a report of disorderly conduct, Rooks said.

Other than the November ruckus, there were no major incidents reported on Galan Way in 2008, Rooks said.

Anyone with any information about the shooting may contact police at 929-6911. Residents may provide confidential and anonymous tips, Wagner said.

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