Lost Alzheimer's patient found in woods

A Hazelhurst woman in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease was lost in the woods for about 90 minutes Wednesday night in near freezing temperatures.

The 65-year-old was with family members scouting wooded property for a home site along Tommy Harrell Road when she wandered away from the car, said Lt. John Lee, a criminal investigator with the Jeff Davis County Sheriff's Office.

Bloodhounds from Reidsville State Prison and a Georgia State Patrol helicopter equipped with heat-seeking infrared cameras were brought in to search as it was too dangerous and dark for search crews to explore the woods, Lee said.

The chopper's camera located the woman and she was safely reunited with her family, Lee said.

"If we didn't find her we could have easily been dealing with a death this morning considering the cold," Lee said. "You just don't know how happy we are."