Taste of Macon officially canceled for year

Taste of Macon, the city's popular evening showcase for state legislators and staffers at the Capitol, is off this year.

Local officials and activists will still travel to Atlanta for a day to lobby the powers that be there during the coming General Assembly session but, as contemplated a week-and-a-half-ago, the party afterward is officially canceled.

Legislators also won't be getting cherry blossom trees this year from the Cherry Blossom Festival, Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce President Chip Cherry said. The trees were an annual gift for legislators and others who work at the Capitol.

The decisions were made partly because not all of the event's sponsors wanted to spend the money this year, and partly because organizers thought it might not be "good form" to throw an open-bar event for the state's politically well connected while the economy is down, Cherry said.

Instead, the annual Macon Day luncheon, which breaks up the morning and afternoon of lobbying on local issues at the Capitol, will be a little more formal this year, Cherry said.