Bibb chief appraiser outlines property revaluation timeline

Bibb County’s chief appraiser presented to tax assessors Wednesday a detailed plan to ensure a successful property revaluation.

The plan is still fluid, Chief Appraiser Andrea Crutchfield told the Macon-Bibb County Board of Tax Assessors, but it will provide a guideline for the revaluation.

Included in the plan is an estimated self-imposed timeline for completing the revaluation.

Key dates include:

Ÿ March 31: Final values are turned over to the tax assessors office from Tyler CLT Co., the Ohio-based appraisal company conducting the new revaluation.

Ÿ May 1: The 2009 assessment notices are mailed to property owners.

Ÿ May 1-30: Property owners may appeal their values for 30 days after receiving their notices.

Ÿ June 15: The Board of Equalization hearings begin. The Board of Equalization hears appeals not settled with the board of assessors.

Ÿ June 15: The tax assessors office holds discussions with the tax commissioner as well as city, county and school system financial leaders regarding the digest.

The county must whittle down the number of appeals it receives to fewer than 5 percent of the total number of parcels before a new tax digest can be submitted to the state Department of Revenue for approval. In Bibb, that’s about 3,400 appeals.

The plan also includes a list of work that needs to be done as far as logistics, a public relations and education campaign, the appeal period and the Board of Equalization.

Board Chairman Bill Vaughn called the plan a “road map” that will help everyone involved.

However, he cautioned that a contingency plan needs to be drawn up in the event the tax digest won’t be ready before the city council, county commission and school board plan their budgets.

The new fiscal year starts July 1, and assessors already have predicted a host of appeals.

Crutchfield said she would work on a contingency plan.

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