Rainfall provokes sewage spills in Bibb

The large volume of rain Macon received Thursday and Friday led to a variety of sewage spills all across Bibb County.

According to reports from the Macon Water Authority submitted to the state’s EPD office, about 5.07 inches of rain hit the county Thursday, causing problems.

The MWA has 24 hours to notify the EPD about a spill, then has five business days to file a report once the amount of discharged is figured out, said Darryl Macy, the sewer conveyance/water distribution manager for the authority. Tony Rojas, the MWA’s executive director, said the sheer volume of rain overwhelmed the system.

“It killed us,” Rojas said. “I don’t believe we’ve ever had 13 spills in one day, at least in the six years I’ve been here.”

Among the areas affected:

Ÿ 2348 Gwendale Drive East, which saw about 1,950 gallons of sewage discharged into Lake Tobesofkee.

Ÿ The underpass at Bay Street, which had 5,700 gallons discharged into the ditch feeding the Ocmulgee River.

Ÿ The Corbin lift station, which had separate spills of 4,500 gallons and 9,200 gallons discharged into Bowman Branch. Also affected in this area was the dead end of Lennox Drive, where 50,000 gallons were discharged into Sabbath Creek. The MWA listed in its report that it plans to rehabilitate the station and continue to monitor the flow at Corbin Basin. Also, the MWA reported a $4 million project has been improved to install an interceptor to increase the capacity of this sewer main and eliminate spills and overflows at this basin.

Ÿ Behind 1255 Newport Road, where 840 gallons were discharged into the ditch feeding Sabbath Creek.

Ÿ 1268 Twin Pines Drive, which had 1,050 gallons discharged into the ditch feeding the Ocmulgee River, affecting the Main Street service basin.

Ÿ Willie Smokey Glover Road parking lot at Central City Park, where 4,800 gallons were discharged into the storm drain feeding the Ocmulgee River, affecting the Bay Street basin.

Ÿ The Broadway lift station, which discharged 500 gallons into a ditch feeding the Ocmulgee River and affecting the Bay Street service basin.

Ÿ 1900 Eisenhower Parkway, where 11,250 gallons were discharged into a storm drain feeding a tributary to Rocky Creek, affecting lower Rocky Creek.

Ÿ 1301 Riverside Drive, on the easement to Riverside Cemetery, where 30,000 gallons were discharged into Vineville Branch affecting the Riverside basin area.

The MWA posted signs in all the affected areas by Friday, the reports said, and the MWA reported that debris was removed from all the affected areas, which were disinfected with lime.