UPDATE: Bomb technicians explode ordnance discovered at Camp Wheeler | Video

People living in northwest Twiggs County might have heard an explosion at 5:50 p.m. Tuesday near the Old Camp Wheeler site.

A dense cloud of black smoke ballooned up into the clear blue sky as bomb technicians from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Robins Air Force Base detonated several old mortars discovered by a logging crew at about 3 p.m. today.

Craig Rotter, assistant special agent in charge of the Perry office of the GBI, said the public should alert authorities whenever they discover unusual devices that look like little bombs or hand grenades. It is not uncommon for the GBI to get reports of Civil War era cannonballs found across the state that are still live and could explode.

Twiggs County Chief Deputy Billy Boney said the mortars that are typically discovered around the old World War II camp have a kill radius of 100 feet, which means if they explode the shrapnel will fly out about 100 feet from the center.

Come back to later to see video of the detonation.