News MIDDAY UPDATE: Retail gas prices across Ga. continue to tumble; Bigfoot officer files appeal for firing by Clayton County; federal regulators clear Wells Fargo-Wachovia deal

Retail gasoline prices across Georgia remain above the national average.

But according to AAA, prices at the pumps are tumbling.

A review of AAA's fuel gauge report finds the statewide average for regular unleaded at $3.58 a gallon. That’s 8 cents less than Thursday’s price.

By comparison, the national average for regular today is $3.35.

Augusta had the cheapest price for regular at $3.38. The highest metro average was found in Athens at $3.80 a gallon.

The global economic crisis has slashed demand, and Gulf refineries are back to normal production levels after disruptions by Hurricane Ike.

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Bigfoot officer files appeal for firing by Clayton County

The police officer who cried Bigfoot wants his job back.

Former Clayton County Officer Matthew Whitton has filed an appeal of his August termination.

Chief Jeff Turner says he fired Whitton because the officer ruined his credibility when he and Rick Dyer sought media attention, saying they found the body of the legendary man-ape.

The men held a press conference with Searching for Bigfoot Inc. director Tom Biscardi and showed photos and DNA results to make their claim.

Biscardi paid the men for access to the body being kept in a freezer at a secret location. Ice melted to reveal a rubber costume stuffed with animal entrails.

Legal observers say court cases in which Whitton was going to be a key witness will likely be dismissed because of the issue of his credibility.

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Federal regulators clear Wells Fargo-Wachovia deal

Federal antitrust regulators say they have cleared Wells Fargo's $11.7 billion acquisition of troubled bank Wachovia Corp.

The rapid approval comes a day after Citigroup Inc. walked away from its own efforts to buy Charlotte, N.C.-based Wachovia.

Wells Fargo & Co. said Thursday that it would proceed with the purchase.

The Federal Trade Commission included the deal on a list of transactions released Friday that received an "early termination" of their antitrust reviews.

Early termination refers to the completion of a review by the FTC or Justice Department before the end of a 30-day period required under antitrust law.

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