Georgia communities won't see as much pork due to budget woes

The state will hold back on some $6 million in local assistance grants — commonly called pork in the budget — as Georgia continues to deal with a funding shortfall.

The grants, which go to local communities and typically total a few thousand, or a few tens of thousands of dollars, are used for a bevy of projects around the state. But, with state departments taking cuts because of a $1.8 billion budget shortfall, the House and Senate leaders who request the projects each year on behalf of local governments agreed to forego the funding for now, according to the Speaker of the House and Lieutenant Governor's offices.

"Although Local Assistance Grants are important to local communities, we cannot ignore the budget shortfall and must hold back this money until January when we will re-prioritize based on the limited resources available," Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson said in a news release.

For more on this story, including a list of some of the Middle Georgia projects affected, come back to or read Thursday's Telegraph.