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Here is a list of Thursday's 10 most-viewed stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Update: Geico employee wins $500K in scratch-off lottery game / 4,590 page views

2. Kidnapped woman found in N. Florida hospital / 3,648 page views

3. Officer shoots, kills man after freeway accident / 3,210 page views

4. Update: Macon man killed in morning accident after losing control of motorcycle / 3,172 page views

5. Skipping school lands some parents in jail / 2,375 page views

6. 'Dukes of Hazzard' actor in Macon to sign copies of book / 2,208 page views

7. Woman convicted of cruelty to children sentenced to three years in prison / 2,023 page views

8. Former middle school coach charged with child molestation / 1,873 page views

9. Two more Macon residents win lottery prizes / 1,643 page views

10. Condition of coach struck by lightning now fair / 1,455 page views