South Carolina most likely target for Hanna

While Georgia is certainly not in the clear, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center predict Hurricane Hanna is headed for the central coast of South Carolina.

According to the 5 a.m. advisory on the minimal hurricane, significant strengthening is expected before landfall some time Friday.

Hanna will likely become a major hurricane over the next couple of days and will move toward the northeast once it moves into South Carolina.

The five-day forecast track shows a weakened Tropical Storm Hanna in southeast New York by early Sunday.

The current forecast shows most of Georgia will be on the left side of the center of circulation with much less rain and threat of tornadoes than on the right side of the storm.

Dangerous rip currents are possible all along the southeast coast as Hanna approaches.

In the meantime, Tropical Storm Ike is way out in the Atlantic and appears to be on a westerly track and is not expected to affect the southeast this week.