UPDATE: Water main repair in Warner Robins could take hours | Video

Utility worker with the city of Warner Robins are trying to find a water main break under Russell Parkway at the intersection with Moody Road.

Crews are digging a large hold in the eastbound lanes of Russell looking for the broken pipe, said Montie Walters, utilities director for the city of Warner Robins.

Crews have turned off the water, which affects a handful of businesses near the busy intersection, including the Arby's and Wendy's restaurants. So far, no residences have been affected by the water cut-offs.

Walters said crews are having to dig a major hole to protect workers from possible cave-ins of the muddy soil. Once they find the break, it will take at least two hours to repair it, and then crews must test the safety of the road and patch the pavement.

Right now Moody Road is closed near the intersection, and all but one eastbound lane of Russell is also blocked.