UPDATE: WR train crossings reopened following collision of train, SUV

Train crossings are open again after being closed for nearly four hours when a sport utility vehicle collided with a Norfolk Southern train at Ignico Drive at Ga. 247.

Emiliano Benitez, 40, the driver of a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo that hit the train, was taken to the Houston Medical Center with visible injuries, said deputy Darron Jones of the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

Signal lights were working when Jones approached the tracks shortly before 7:15 a.m. but he did not stop for the train, Jones said. His Rodeo flipped over upon impact.

A knuckle coupling on the train broke in the collision and had to be repaired before the train could clear the crossing, Jones said.

Train cars blocked crossings at Ignico Drive, Greene Street and Watson Boulevard until the train could move on.

Tracks cleared at about 11 a.m., said Houston County authorities.

In January 2007 two women were killed at the same crossing in a collision with a train. There is no arm at the crossing which is across from Robins Air Force Base near the intersection of Ignico Drive and Walnut Street. It has been the scene of multiple accidents, Houston County deputies said.

Wayne Crenshaw contributed to this report.