UPDATE: Little Leaguers arrive at Florida ballpark

GULFPORT, Fla. -- Warner Robins American Little League all-star Payton Purvis stood gazing outside the gate at Arnold S. White Sr. Stadium this morning.

Purvis and his Georgia-state-champion teammates were checking in at the Southeast Regional in advance of their Saturday game against Tennessee.

But as Purvis soaked in the scene at this stucco-and-block, pastel-blue ballpark, he couldn't help recalling what happened here a year ago when he and his 2007 all-star mates became the best in the South and advanced to the World Series in Pennsylvania.

"A lot of memories here," Purvis said. "Just playing on the field, seeing the dormitories here, just the experience of it all. Now we're here again to play against the best teams in the Southeast, one tournament away from the World Series."

The Robins all-stars rolled into St. Petersburg Beach late Thursday and checked into a beachfront hotel with their coaches and parents. But today they're moving into motel-style dorms at the Little League regional headquarters across the bay.

Players and coaches unloaded a travel trailer full of bats and gear shortly before 11 a.m. Plans were for a players' banquet later this evening. Warner Robins is also expected to take batting practice this afternoon.

Saturday's game against the team from Tullahoma, Tenn., begins at 1 p.m. and can be heard via live Webcast on