News Midday Update: Vets OK sea turtle Dylan for release into wild; Atlanta Humane Society offers dogs rescued from Tennessee; top comedians honor George Carlin at service

Weighing 150 pounds and strong enough to require five men to wrestle her out of her saltwater tank, Dylan the sea turtle is ready to be set free after nine years in captivity and a final checkup by her veterinarian Sunday.

Dylan’s release has been in the works for more than a year. The loggerhead sea turtle left her home at the Georgia Aquarium in May 2007 to live at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, where the staff could prepare her to live on her own.

The turtle’s caretakers plan to drive Dylan to the beach today and turn her loose. If she heads into the ocean as planned, she won’t be expected to return to land until she starts laying eggs about 20 years from now.

‘‘She’s as ready as she’s going to be,’’ Terry Norton, head veterinarian at the Sea Turtle Center, said Sunday after returning Dylan to her tank after an hour-long last physical exam. ‘‘She’s definitely strong.’’

Humans have raised Dylan since she was found in August 1998 as a hatchling straggler on Jekyll Island’s beach, left behind by her nest mates. She spent years at two nature centers here before moving to the Georgia Aquarium in November 2005.

– Associated Press

Atlanta Humane Society offers dogs rescued from Tennessee

The Atlanta Humane Society will try to find homes for more than 150 dogs who were rescued last week from a Tennessee puppy mill.

The dogs were among more than 700 animals discovered living in terrible conditions at a breeding operation outside Nashville.

Many of the puppies are small purebreds, including Yorkshire, Boston and Manchester terriers and miniature Pinschers, poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Shi Tzus, Pomeranians and Shar Peis, but they may need to be rehabilitated before adoption.

The dogs must have a veterinarian’s health certificate to be moved across state lines, and those with bad temperaments will be euthanized or sent to sanctuaries.

The dogs can be adopted as early as Tuesday. Each will be spayed or neutered and will have a homing chip implanted.

– Associated Press

Top comedians honor George Carlin at service

He was the comedian who actually said the seven words you can never say on television, but close friends and family members remembered George Carlin as a man who, when he was off stage, had only a kind word for everyone he met.

At a private memorial service Sunday attended by some 150 people — ‘‘That was as small as we could keep it,’’ chuckled Carlin’s daughter, Kelly Carlin McCall — her father was memorialized by comedians Bill Maher, Garry Shandling and others as someone who had no enemies, in part because he was nice to everyone he spoke to.

‘‘What everyone said tonight is if you spent time with my father, whether it was five seconds or five hours, he was kind, attentive, very connected to you, compassionate,’’ said Carlin’s daughter.

Among those who spoke at the service, which was closed to the public and news media, was Shandling, who told of being a teenage college student when he sought out Carlin nearly 40 years ago.

‘‘My dad read his material and encouraged him to continue on, which was a life-changing moment in Gary’s life,’’ McCall told The Associated Press after the service.

Carlin, who died June 22 of heart failure, recorded nearly two dozen albums, 14 HBO comedy specials, wrote three best-selling books and appeared in numerous movies and TV shows.

– Associated Press


– Macon's Hamp Swain is being inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. We'll tell you more about the honor.

– The Bibb County school board is meeting this afternoon to tentatively adopt the fiscal budget. We'll let you know what happens.


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