Cheney makes quick work of midstate fundraiser

Vice President Dick Cheney's wrapped up a quick trip to the midstate this evening to raise money for 8th District congressional candidate Rick Goddard.

Cheney took off on Air Force II shortly after 6:30 p.m. after attending a private fundraiser for Goddard in Perry.

The vice president spent just a couple of hours in Middle Georgia, arriving at about 4:30 p.m. on Air Force 2, the jet that carries the vice president and his entourage.

A motorcade of five motorcycles, two black Suburbans, four minivans and several local law enforcement vehicles accompanied Cheney's limosine from the airport, and police planned to temporarily close intersections as the motorcade passed by. Several local Republicans greeted Cheney as he got off the plane, including Bill and Carolyn Paschall.

"He just asked a name," Bill Paschall said. "I told him I was retired Navy, 34 years service, and he thanked me for that. I think he was Secretary of Defense (while I was in the Navy).

"He's a good guy," Paschall said. "I think he's smart. He makes decent, rational decisions."

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