Damage reports from around the midstate

Here are some preliminary reports of damage in the midstate:

Bibb CountyThere is widespread damage to buildings and homes across the county, particularly in south Macon and the Lake Tobesofkee area. Trees are down and blocking roads throughout the county. (See related story.)

Laurens CountyOne person was killed and three others were injured as a possible tornado destroyed several homes at U.S. 441 and Evergreen Road. Numerous trees are down.(See related story.)

Johnson County Kite, a small town on the extreme eastern side of Johnson County, was hit hard by this morning's storms, but no fatalities and only one significant injury has been reported, Mayor Kenneth Carroll said.

"It's pretty bad," Carroll said. "We've had — it took out a big portion of the city gym. There is probably 10 or 15 houses that have trees on top of them. At least 10 or 15. Power's out. Water's out. Phones out. It's a wonder that y'all got through."

Johnson County has declared a state of emergency. One man reported a broken leg, Carroll said. At one point every road in or out of Kite was closed, Carroll said. Just north of the city, an area called Gumlog was hit hard. One mobile home was flipped over, another hit by a tree and others were damaged, Carroll said.

"The entire area of Gumlog had buildings (damaged). Roofs torn off of houses - that sort of thing."

Wilkinson County Several mobile homes in Irwinton were damaged by falling trees this morning, but no serious injuries have been reported, according to a sheriff's office dispatcher. There was also damage to Wilkinson County High School, where the main building sustained some damage and the football field house was destroyed, the dispatcher said. "Right now we're just concentrating on trying to get the roads clear. ..." the dispatcher said. "We have trouble all over the county."

Crawford County Some homes were damaged in eastern Crawford County, but no injuries had been reported as of 9:15 a.m., a sheriff's office dispatcher said. "A bunch of trees down," dispatcher Amanda Haynie said. "A few houses damaged. Nobody was injured." Haynie said she didn't know how many homes were damaged, but all of the reports were on the east side near the Bibb County line.

Houston, Peach and Crisp counties Storm damage seems to be less severe south of Macon. Houston County 911 is reporting trees and power lines down, but no injuries or damage to homes."it's a lot of trees, some power lines.... fortunately for us that's about the extent of it," Cpl. Robert Smock said. A Peach County 911 dispatcher said she hadn't had any reports of significant damage, and the Georgia State Patrol post in Cordele said there was a lot of rain and wind in the area this morning, but no reports of damage.

Sumter County Numerous trees down with several tornado reports coming in from the Leslie community, but none of the tornado reports has been confirmed by the National Weather Service.

Jones County There are trees and power lines down in Jones County, but no injuries or damage to homes has been reported to the sheriff's office, according to a dispatcher there.

Monroe County There are a lot of trees and power lines down in Monroe County, but no injuries or damage to homes has been reported to the sheriff's office, according to a dispatcher there.

Twiggs CountyTwiggs County 911 is asking large traffic to stay off of U.S 80 in the county. "We have a lot of trees down," dispatcher NeCortney Lewis said. "Only small vehicles will be able to go through. No 18 wheelers." No injuries had been reported to the 911 center as of 9:15 a.m., Lewis said. She wasn't sure about damage to homes or businesses.

Baldwin County: Several trees down.

Upson County: Several trees down along Ga. 74 east of Thomaston.