Sewage leak into Ingleside area creek repaired

The sewage leak that was causing high levels of bacteria in Ingleside's Bowman Creek has been repaired, according to Macon and Macon Water Authority officials.

E-mails show that city inspectors examined the repair to the sewer pipe, which is privately owned by Oak Hill Apartments on Ridge Avenue. A pipe coupling had apparently deteriorated, causing contamination of the creek near the popular Henry Burns Park.

The pipe repair, which the apartment complex's owner arranged immediately after the leak was found 10 days ago, was completed satisfactorily, Macon officials reported in an e-mail to the Macon Water Authority.

The authority then tested water downstream in Bowman Creek and found a dramatic reduction in bacteria levels, said Mark Wyzalek, authority lab and environmental compliance manager. After Telegraph inquiries about the smell of the creek, the authority conducted repeated tests there earlier this month that showed fecal coliform levels almost 60 times as high as they were on Monday.

Wyzalek expressed confidence that the sewage leak has been fixed.